These FAQs were created to answer any questions that visitors to this site might have regarding our services and procedures.
We are always ready to provide further information should you require it.

1. What languages do you translate?
Theoretically, we translate all languages. Although there are some limits to teleworking, the Internet allows each document to be translated by professional translators living in the country of the document’s final destination.
2. You specialize in technical translation. Does that mean you do not do financial or commercial translation?
Although 80% of our projects are related to technical fields, we have the capacity and experience to ensure a quality service in many other areas.
3. Do you provide subtitling services?
No. We leave that to other companies who specialize in that area.
4. Do you provide interpretation services?
No. We leave that to other companies who specialize in that area.
5. Do you have a price list?
We have a competitive price list organized according to language combinations; however, our base prices may vary according to delivery deadlines, technical specifications and the format of the documents.

As you are no doubt well aware, acquiring translation services is not like purchasing a can of soda pop, since the content is not always the same. For this reason we offer our clients the opportunity of requesting a free sample as a way of evaluating the quality of our services (max. 200 words) and assessing their purchase.
6. What do you mean by “competitive prices”? Isn’t translation an expensive service?
Our prices are competitive because they offer an excellent quality/price ratio. Our processes involve the participation of more than one person, which has a specific impact on production costs; nevertheless, the benefits of working with a highly specialized team and maintaining various control points throughout make a positive contribution to final quality.
7. Do you calculate your prices per line or per word?
Our prices are calculated taking into account the total number of words in the original document. We believe this to be the most transparent method for clients.
Defining what constitutes a line is often confusing because it may contain 10 words, 9 words, 55 characters or 60 characters in the original or final document. That is why we base our calculation on the number of words and not on the number of lines.
8. Are your quotes free of charge?
Yes. We provide them within a maximum of 24 hours and because our price is based on the total number of words in the original document, we always provide a final quote, unless the documents are exceptionally complex or if we are prevented from doing so by factors beyond our control.
9. Who are your clients?
We work for key market leaders in various areas that include the automobile, medical equipment, industrial equipment and telecommunications sectors, amongst others. For confidentiality reasons and due to the sensitive information we have access to, we do not reveal who our clients are.
10. Do you have a team of in-house translators or do you act as an intermediary agency working only with freelance translators?
Over 80% of our projects are done in-house into Portuguese in order to ensure better control of confidentiality, quality of processes and translator training. In the event of requests for translation into other languages, we work with translators residing in the countries where the final content are intended to be used.
11. I need a quote for a particular document. What should I do?
Please go to our Request for quote page on this website and follow the instructions. You can use this section to upload documents in order to obtain a final quote.
* If you are unable to supply the documents, please contact us to obtain an estimate.